DVD-Profiler Mini-Wiki

Data Recovery

Restore from DVD Profiler Backup File

This should be the first choice of methods if available!
The built-in backup function under File → Backup Profile Database saves everything including, if chosen, the DVD-Covers. The backup-file can be re-imported with DVD Profiler of the same or a higher version number.

Restore from old HDD

If you still have your old
"\Documents and Settings\$Username\My Documents\DVD Profiler\Databases\"-folder (Windows XP and earlier) respectively
"\Users\$Username\Documents\DVD Profiler\Databases\"-folder (Vista and later)
on a working HDD simply click File → Open Database → Browse and open the desired database. You can continue to run the database there or make a backup, open the database "Default" and restore it to your new "\Documents and Settings\" on your new HDD. I would recommend the latter.

Restore from Online-List

If you have uploaded your collection to the DVD Profiler online-list with Online → My Profiler → Next → Upload to My Profiler you can download it in the same manner. The personal data, although not visible in the online-list, is recovered with this method as well. Only self scanned DVD-Cover that weren't contributed to the main-database and cast and crew head-shots can't be recovered with this method.