DVD-Profiler Mini-Wiki

Create Collection Categories

A "Collection Category" is a user-defined tab, similar to the built-in "Owned", "Ordered" and "Wishlist" tabs.

To add such a tab just go to Tools → Edit Collection Categories, now Add enter a name, e.g. "TV-Series" and choose a logo.

Category-specific options:
  • Collection Number: whether profiles in this Category should have Collection Numbers or not.
  • Purchase Data: if you don't want to enter any Purchase Data leave this option blank, but be aware that you might lose information when you move a profile with such data into this Category.
  • Include contents in owned collection: you can decide if you want profiles in this category to be also shown in your owned collection. At the moment profiles of Collection Categories are not uploaded to the Invelos Online List, if you want all your titles shown you must check this option.
  • Sorting: you can sort the Collection Categories, but they will always be arranged after the 3 built-in categories. To work around this you could move all profiles to self-defined Collection Categories and hide the 3 built-ins.
Dialog with highlight on the Category settings
Global options:
  • Hide built-in categories: if you don't need one of the three default-categories you can switch them off.
  • Collection numbers: tells DVD Profiler if collection numbers should be unique for all categories or just inside one category.
Dialog with highlight on the global settings